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242 transfer case


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Pretty sure my case is going out, I have a noise like a driveline bearing is going out but every u joint has been replaced, front wheel bearings are less than a year old and the diffs feel good. Transfer case fluid gets almost black in 12k miles, changed several times over the last year, still gets black. I have a bit of play at the front out put, rear seal just started leaking pretty bad and I just felt it after driving on the highway, too hot to touch. The problem is mine is a re-imported right hand drive from Japan. According to car part there are 3 different 242 cases for a 95, how do I tell which one mine is? I'm sure it probably still has the tag on it under all the leaked fluid and caked dust. Am I right in thinking that any 242 will fit if I can find one instead if trying to rebuild it?
Assembly number 5209 8317 build date 4 15 94, then there is a 3 after that for some reason. So probably original case. Shifts fine, chain doesn't skip, but im pretty sure there is a bearing out somewhere inside.
Novaks website. Under the rebuild kits they list that the European spec jeeps had a wider chain that is not available anymore. Car part.com also has selectable options as export and police spec, under 242 options.