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242 case variations?


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I was looking around for a spare 242 case internal spline, when I went to car part .com and they had 3 different listing for 242 cases!? I thought a 242 was a 242 and it just mattered if it was internal or external spline. The 3 options were export package; police package; or not export-not police. Mine is a 95 export re-imported and now I'm a little worried. I was looking for an extra because when I checked the fluid in mine it looked like it had metal in it and i had changed it just a few thousand miles ago because the fluid was rough looking. It has to be available to go on the mail route 6 days a week so just taking it apart for exploratory surgery is not feasible. Besides, I just like to have extras of all the major components in case of emergency. Anybody know if there is an actual difference between these? I know parts lists can be a little misleading sometimes. I do know it bolted to the 2000 aw4 I put in it no problem.
I would like to know the difference between the 242 export and police packages. Actually. a complete parts list for each.
I read recently somewhere that the 242 export has the police package chain and that part was not easy to obtain in Europe.
Have you thought about acquiring a spare transfer case for your own assurance?
I'm assuming you have a RHD too. Just out of curiosity I would like to see pics of how you have it configured for your mail route.
AFAIK the export and police packages were the same, stronger chain. Maybe there is an LHD / RHD variant.

I know the 96-down and 97-up models are different internally. Also the WJ (and probably the 2000+ Liberty) has a different setup (no speedo output, a few other details).
Vince- thats exactly what I'm trying to do, im looking for a spare. I dont care if the internals are slightly different, I just need to know what ones will bolt in without modification. Yes,
It is rhd, but im not good with pictures. I just fold down the back seat and have a piece of plywood across the passenger seat.i did put warning strobes front and rear for visibility. If it wasn't my primary mode of transportation I would take out the passenger seat and do more, but I have kids to haul around.
When I was sourcing an NP242, I never saw any usage of those terms (export, police, not-export not-police) to describe it. I would be surprised if there is different NP242 for RHD. What I found is that there are differences in the input shaft bearing, input shaft length, input shaft spline count, and the chain configuration. There are a couple of threads on the XJ forums that describe some of the differences, and Novak has some information although some of the Novak information is incorrect, in particular some of their information about the input shaft length on the different year XJs is not entirely correct. I can tell you that the NP242 from a '93-'98 WJ is a straight swap into a 2000 US market XJ.
If you have a NP242 with the long tail cone you can swap in a 97-01 XJ NV242 that has the shorter housing as long as you fit the original NP242 speedo drive assembly into the NV242. If you do acquire a NV242, try to get it's rear driveshaft as well. I did this swap and had to cut an inch off my '93's driveshaft slip yoke to stop it thumping the NV242.
I dont think the my rhd version is actually externally different. I mean the engine, trans, and axles are all same as lhd, it mounts the same and I was able to swap in an 01 lhd trans just the same as any other jeep. Its got to be minor internal differences. So it looks like I may be able to use 23 spline 91 to 95, and maybe later ones a long as I switch the tail housing, and maybe the driveshaft, right?
I think all RHD models sold in the UK were 23 spline. No internal differences between domestic market LHD and export RHD/LHD other than the Police package chain.

You don't need to change the tail housing if you get a 97-01 NV242, just keep the original black plastic speedo drive assembly that is currently plugged in to your Jeep and use it in the new case.

I'm not certain, but I think there is a difference in length between the slip yokes. I think the pre-97 yokes are longer. If you have the matching rear driveshaft for the NV242 you will have the correct slip yoke for the short tail cone. I just cut 1" off my 1993 slip yoke as I was going to do an SYE later. 13 years later it's still doing fine.
I thought switching the tail housings on a later model case to go into an earlier xj would be to switch it from an external slip to an internal slip? Or was i just understanding wrong?
The later transfer case is an improved design. If you have a problem with a rear driveshaft U-joint in service you can remove the rear driveshaft and still drive the Jeep without losing ATF from the transfer case or risking contaminating it.

The output shaft is sealed but has the same splines as the older NP242. See below.

You can fit your existing slip yoke driveshaft to it. Just grease the splines and slide the yoke onto the shaft and inside the rubber gaiter. Tighten the gaiter clamp onto the slip yoke. See below.

My 1993 slip yoke bottomed out on the NV242 outer seal face so I cut 1" off the yoke to give it sufficient clearance. I assumed that the later driveshafts had a shorter yoke. I have never compared a 1993 slip yoke to a 1997+, so if the yokes are the same, then the driveshaft tube must be shorter. Obtaining the 1997+ driveshaft and slip yoke to go with a NV242 makes certain it will work. In my opinion, there is no benefit in changing the tail housings as this just reintroduces a flawed design component.

NOTE: I cannot use my shortened yoke with it's original NP242 without risking sliding out of the seal. This didn't bother me as I had a SYE conversion kit waiting for my NP242.
Okay thanks! That will give me more options in my search. I have the shaft out of my 01 I sent to the scrapper but the shaft is different because it was the 8.25 rear end and I have a d35, but I bet I can figure something out if it comes down to it, thanks!

On a side note if I get in a bind, will a 231 fit in place and just not shift correctly because of the 242 shift gate? I only ask because if it suddenly goes out, all the local scrap yard has is 97+ with 231s.
It has been done by many as the 231 is slightly stronger than the 242 and can take more input torque. You should be able to search on here for more info.

Why not look further afield and ask on here if anyone can do a 'Parts Train' from your 242 source to you?
Looking at the picture above, it seems some of the tailcones don't have the socket for the speedo gear milled out. I'm not sure how vehicle speed is determined on that setup, abs sensors perhaps?