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2.5L V-belt question


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How does the one which connects the A/C, fan/waterpump, and crank go on? I do not see any way to adjust the compressor so I assume I have to remove a pully?
What year, and do you have power steering?
Oh yeah, MY86, with power steering. But the belt does not connect to the PS.pump only the WP/Fan, crank, and ac comp (which drives the alt.)
Missing something

My '85 originally had three belts. One for the power steering, one for the fan and a/c compressor, and one from the a/c to the alternator. The one around the a/c compressor went around the fan also and had an idler pulley which was used to tighten the belt. I have one here in Aurora that I'm not using because I switched to a sepentine belt when I put on the tbi (assuming of course you have a 2.5l). I believe the 2.8 is similar.