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1998 Grand 5.9


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I have been offered the opportunity to purchase a '98 GC 5.9 Ltd. at a very good price. I am looking at it this weekend. Can anyone suggest a good 4"-6" lift? I want to maintain the stock body and this would be my daily, but it is a jeep and as such requires mods.
JeeperJeff :roll:
OME best riding lift out there, on a TJ it rides like a dream and flexes like crazy.
Daily driver? A ZJ 5.9?

I hope you own stock in an oil company. They are nice riding vehicles but gas mileage is in the single digits to very low teens.

OME doesn't have lifts in the 4" to 6" range. Check out all the usual suspects: Rubicon Express, Rusty's, Skyjacker, etc.
Well, it looked great, sounded nice and rumbly, until I noticed a disturbing tap in the motor. So, I passed and will stick with looking for a nice 4.0l XJ as my "toy" and stick with the van as my driver. Thanks for all the replies.
The motor or was it the injectors, 4.0L's make that same tapping sound. It's the injectors injecting :D
I also noticed it on my neighbors 92 4cyl YJ which also had FI.
Definitely motor. I am used to those loud injectors. Both my '90 and particularly my brother's '94, were quite loud. No, this was definitely something bad.