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1994 Chevy Blazer K5 - For Sale or Trade


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Little Elm, TX
1994 Chevy Blazer (K5). It has a 350 V8, and an auto tranny (I'm not certain which one it is, its stock though). Has 159k miles on it, and it is in overall good shape. It does have some quirks though:

Center console isn't bolted down.
The passenger seat is loose.
Taillights/Turn signals sometimes decide they don't want to work.
A/C works, but either the blower isn't working right, or some of the ductwork in the system is missing as it doesn't blow onto the driver the way it should.

The vehicle is originally from Massachusetts, so it does have some rust underneath. However, the body seems to be in very good shape. The interior is a nice blue, and is also in great shape. I have not had any problems with the Blazer save for two issues:

1) A fuel line sprung a leak, which has been repaired.
2) The starter went out one day. It too has been replaced (and has a lifetime warranty)

Battery and Fan Belt have both been replaced recently.

The Blazer is a daily driver, and runs super strong. Very powerful and fun to drive. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it across country tomorrow. In other words, I trust it.

So, what do I want for it? Well, here are some options I'm thinking about, though I'm certainly up for other offers as well:

A) Trade it for a stock XJ/Wrangler (6-cyl required).
B) Trade for a working XJ drivetrain (at least an engine and AW4 tranny. Transfer case is negotiable) for my XJ plus help installing it.
C) Sell it for $2350

I need to get my XJ running, which currently needs an engine swap (overheated the engine). I would love to trade the Blazer straight across for an XJ, but I suspect the drivetrain might be easier to accomplish. If she goes for cash, I'm just gonna go buy an engine and swap it into my XJ anyway.
What year xj do you have? I have an 89 with a new engine in it, less than 10k since new shortblock. Transfer in it has some problems. I would be willing to trade it.
My XJ is a '93. I have a good transfer case (NP231), though mine only works in 2WD, lol.

Got any pics of your XJ? (I just noticed I forgot to post the pics of the Blazer, see next post)
Forgot to add pics to the thread: