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1992 XJ

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Walton, IN
1992 XJ Cherokee Laredo. 239k miles on body.

Few small surface rust spots on passenger doors. No other rust anywhere on jeep. Front fenders have been cut, rear openings have been opened up also. Few dents and scratches from trail use. Rockers have some dents. But overall very solid rust free body.

All interior panels are removed currently along with headliner. Was planning to install a full cage this winter. All panels are accounted for. And headliner board. If your interested in reinstalling them
Pass rear quarter panel and inner fender tub is cut out. I started to open up the fenders by cutting out the pinch welds for more up travel, but life has gotten in the way and I have not finished this.

Listed is all the build data I can remember. I have dates and mileage when all these mods where done since I have owned this jeep. Most every receipt and paper work on parts also. All labor and install done by myself.

160k mikes on 1996 4.0 engine with all new seals and gaskets.
New aftermarket header installed when swapped. Neon 4 hole injector swap. All new ignition, water pump, radiator, hoses, t-stat, fan clutch, shroud. Engine bay and underbody where all pressure washed and inspected when powertrain was out.

AW4 trans original with aftermarket cooler and fresh service. Tail housing drilled for t-case clocking.

NP231 T-case clocked up 13 degrees for flat bottom belly skid. Slip yoke eliminator kit with large 32 spline output shaft. New chain and fresh rebuild.

All brake lines from proportioning out are new with stainless braided flex lines front and rear from IRO

Front Dana 30. Diff has been smoothed on bottom. Spartan locker. New unit bearings, ball joints, calipers, pads, rotors. Fresh diff fluid. 3.55s

Rear 8 1/4 from 2001 XJ (29 spline) shaved and smoothed down on bottom. Spartan locker, new drums, new shoes, all new hardware and wheel cylinders. NO e brake cables but can be added if wanted. All equipment still there.
Axle is bent forward 1/4" on the drivers side. Was like his when I bought it and didn't know. Has never affected anything 3.55s

Approx 3" lift. Rustys HD 3" front lift coils with 2 isolators in front. Daystar extended bump stops, IRO adjustable upper and lower control arms with all new bushings. (Front axle is moved forward approx 1") Ruff Stuff DIY track bar kit with heim joints and DOM. Welded frame mount and welded offset axle mount. Bilstein 5100 3-4" lift shocks.

Pass lower control arm mount slightly bent last trip out

D150 rear leaf springs for center pin movement. Axle is in stock location. IRO boomerang shackles. Extended rear bump stops with stopper on leaf spring plate. Bilstein 5100s 3-4" lift shocks.

Frame fully plated with HD off road stiffeners front to rear. Front drivers side plated inside and under also for track bar mount. IRO steel steering box spacer.

Rear bumper custom made of 2x8 1/8" box inserted inside frame rails with 8 mounting bolts with 2 recover points and 2" receiver mount.
Front bumper is modified smitty built XRC winch bumper that has been cut down on the ends. Has stinger bar. Bumper is plated to frame with approx 14 bolts.

Gas tank has been tucked 1/2 way into rear floor for ground clearance.
Has custom welded box covering inside bolted through floor. Stock new tank and fuel pump. Lines run though floor in stock location.
Tank has 1/8" skid plate mounted into nutsert holes along with bumper mount bolts.

Pass side floor pan has been replaced front to rear with plate steel welded and seam seals to body and frame rail.

Boostwerks t-case shift linkage

Hood has rod louvers aluminum vents installed.

Optima yellow top battery

Every factory option works as it should. Heat/AC power windows locks exc. Radio works but speakers suck.

Bright/dim switch in column is unhooked from lever. Don't know why but brights work. Was like this when I bought it.

98% Hankook dyna pro MTs. 315s on 16” crager 8 hole wheels. 4.5” BS with 1 1/4” spacers. 5 wheels and 5 tires. Very low miles on tires. Couple small cuts from wheeling trips.


Have original 4.0 out of this jeep
Spare long side front shaft.
Spare driveshaft for front and rear. (Same shafts)
Spare rear axle shaft (1)
Spare rear hatch
Spare t-case
Original rear axle still good. 27 spline.
One pass side tail light housing
Spare gauge cluster with dummy lights
Stock spider gears from both axles
Stock steering setup
Stock bumpers
Spare water pump
Spare starter
Spare alternator
Spare coil
Spare idler pulley
Spare dist cap and rotor

All spare items come with the sale of the jeep. I’m not keeping anything.

Runs down the road 75-80mph no issues. Drove 3hrs to bundy hill a few months back and wheeled and drove home. Also drove 1000+ miles to the solar eclipse wheeled redbird for hi-lifts trail day over 4 day trip with AC blasting and worked perfectly.

Can’t posts pictures from my phone. If someone’s interested shoot me a PM with a phone number and I can text pictures.

Price updated below.

Winch not included

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Also has brand new exhaust tucked up with a small glass pack and a flex joint at the crossover to prevent header cracking.

Brown dog poly motor mounts, new trans mount. Rear quarters also have a cut and fold done. New fuel pressure regulator. Header panel is not in great shape. New battery cables.

I’ll post more as I think of it.
For what it’s got it’s a good deal st that price. Not considering all the spare items.

Hell I’d deleiver it to any Naxja member within a reasonable distance

So winterfest delivery is available it seems.
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