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1988 Comanche Larado with brush guard and winch package


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Ringgold GA
I recently found a fantastic deal on a 1988 Comanche Larado. Great frame and body really no rust to speak of great tight original interior original working radio and rides great. I’m pumped! However, it has a heavy duty brush-guard bolted into the frame nicely and a wench built into the front bumper seamlessly. Looks like it was ordered this way or maybe added on as an extra at the dealership. All of it appears to be the same age as well. Looks good so I’m hoping this is original accessories. I haven’t been able to find any pictures on the web like mine. Can anybody help? Thanks
Ask on comancheclub. There was a very rare option for a winch option. I don't know all the specifics but someone there would.
somkeyyank I have pictures now, but I cant see how I can post attachments here. Any help? Thanks!

Here gotta use imgur or something similar.