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02 Sensor Wire Harness Compatibility with TJ


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My 98 XJ had the downstream 02 sensor wire and harness damaged from contact with the driveshaft so I had to cut the wire harness off and splice it directly to the wires of my new 02 sensor. Since then I have code P0138 for incorrect voltage or faulty ground coming from those wires. I have rewired the connection twice now with no difference.

I found a downstream 02 sensor wire harness from a 2001 TJ with a 4.0. It looks identical to the one from my XJ. Sorry if this is a stupid question but couldn't I just use that harness from the TJ? I am having trouble finding one for my XJ new or used and I really want to solve this check engine code. Thanks!
If the connector shapes and pinouts match the XJ version, it seems like it should work. Could a Jeep dealer confirm that the two part numbers cross-reference as substitutes for each other?
Thanks that's what I thought. They look identical, and even the wires on the pigtail look like the same colors as on the XJ. For $25 I think I'll give it a shot.