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1967 Cutlass....... another project I didn't need.

Saw this languishing on Craigslist at some guy's little independent salvage yard for 8+ months on and off. Had been asking way too much.

Decided to go look at it as I was gonna be at the LKQ nearby anyway.

The guy took my low-ball offer, said it was finally time to let it go.

It's 99% complete, un-altered. The 330 V8 looks like it'll run with fresh gas, a tune up and carb cleaning. Trans worked when parked, hoping 15 years of sitting didn't destroy it. Gas tank is FUNKY and somehow got crushed upward so I may just buy a reproduction tank, easy swap out.

Found a set of Olds Rally wheels with new tires for cheap..... The ad listed them as 15's but when I went to buy them, there were 2 15's and 2 14's. They look good on the car.

I'll get it running, see if it'll move under it's own power then send it off to become someone else's project.

Still has all 4 "T-3" headlights.

Wheels & tires mounted.

Failure is not an option...... it comes standard with every Ford.

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