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Re: Installed the Yukon Super 88 C clip eliminator kit today on my Ford 8.8

Originally Posted by bajabronco View Post
RCP, I did the swap for a couple of reasons, one of the main ones was 1. To solve some of the problems the 8.8 has with C clip axles and my e-locker , then of course the benefits of 2. To increase the strength of the axles to 4340 chrome molly. 3. To allow me to get off the trail if so brake an axle and could be days from home. With the wheeling and trails that I do with my friends, I have seen a number of snapped rear axles. I usually have spare axles, but I am trying to cut down on carrying so much weight and crap in my rig. You are 100% right, the caliper for the rear disk brakes will hold in the axle for a little while, but not when the trail has a day or even longer to get out of it. (We were just up on the Dusey Ershim for three days ) I got a screaming good deal on the kit, and thought I would try it out!

For #3 alone this is worthwhile, its pretty cool that is available for the 8.8. I only wish it could be used on the c8.25!

Never has it been such a reality as it was with my brothers yota at 13000 ft. Fine time to loose a shaft. (Cv and more) Anyhow I can agree and would absolutely like to have the ability to retain a broken axle shaft. Piece of mind alone would be quite nice.

Nice upgrade
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