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Re: Installed the Yukon Super 88 C clip eliminator kit today on my Ford 8.8

He’s got one.

Originally Posted by bajabronco View Post
Thanks for all the compliments guys! As you can tell by my handle I have been a long time 20+year Early Bronco owner and wheeler, but have owned the XJ since 2012. I finally started building the XJ to do more hard core wheeling about three years ago, since I couldn't justify beating on my EB anymore since I had prettied it up. I also really like the wheel base and room the XJ offers (and the comfort of a more modern vehicle isn't bad either!). The only downside so far with the XJ is the massive lack of power compared to the built, fuel injected 351W in my Bronco. I followed CAL's stroker build closely and pinged Russ Pottinger, months ago, but he is super backed up, so it will prob be awhile before I get more power. I have a couple projects I am hoping to get done before my trip up to the Rubicon in July - inner fender mod in the front for more travel while keeping it low COG, and some rear suspension work. I'll try to take pics and post as those projects progress.

I know this is an XJ forum but here is a little Earl Bronco porn!

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