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Re: Better way to get down to Chinawall from Southwest Denver?

Originally Posted by in4aride View Post
Chinamens is not nasty. At all. Sliders are mandatory if you like your rockers or doors, regardless of tire size, my truck is proof of that.
But 31's and a rear locker or 33's open/open and it is a breeze. It can be done smaller. just takes confidence in your ability to wheel your rig.
Sliders, open/open, 32's, lots of new found confidence in my rig and my abilities post Moab. Got a whole new respect for my rig, and impressed my lady so much even she wants to spend some coin on the heep to do some more nasty trails. She's getting the bug man!

....No sense in telling her about these bats I thought, the poor girl would be seeing them soon enough.

The freaking bumper end caps are coming off tomorrow though.

and the fender flares.
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