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There isn't a lot of top weight on the KTM 950 or the Rally Raid converted 690. The tanks are on either side of the frame instead of on top. The fairing/windscreen help with wind and provide protection from rocks being tossed up by the guy in front of you.

The big 950 is a 100hp and 500lbs wet weight monster, way more bike than I want to deal with off road, but if you're going long distances with a mix of pavement and dirt it's hard to beat. The GS 1200 is way more street biased. The Yamaha Super Tenere is sort of in between the two.

Now the 690 Enduro is something else entirely. In stock trim it's only 309lbs dry. It has a 6spd, fuel injection, fully adjustable WP suspension, a very broad power curve from its 66hp engine, and electric start. A kick start back up is all it needs, but that went away with the 640 series.

The KTM 640's were good but really vibey and only a 5spd. My 640 Enduro would do 75 but it was sketchy.

It's all a matter of what you're wanting to do. I think that Rally Raid converted 690 is a great balance between a 450 Enduro and the big 950 Adventure.

I also like the WR250R or the KLX250S. The KLX lacks power for sustained road travel though. The WR has a bit more power so would probably be better in the street.
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