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Re: TwoWheelTalk

There are write ups. Here's one from ChickenHauler over @ thumpertalk;

Rebuilding the stock stuff is easy. They're conventional forks. Just need a vise and a home made seal tool made from the correct diameter PVC. Does it need a rear shock seal as well? I could do all the work you're talking about. I don't know if you've sourced the work or not already. What parts do you have for the top end? Do you know if the cylinder head is good? I forget if those are sleeved or not. Cylinder heads are cheap for them though if not. Won't know until you tear into it.

I have time this next week. I'm working on a Yamaha Zuma right now for a lady that wants to sell it. I could definitely work your ttr into my schedule. I'll do it for 60% of what a shop quotes you.

Let me know if I can help. Sure could use the scratch.
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