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Re: Just Another XJ on tons, coilovers, 42's, etc. Build

Well next was getting the frame rails sleeved...what a B*TCH.

Drilled out all the spot welds on the leafs hangers and the upper control arm mounts

Then got the rails all flap disc'd and cleaned up

Had to cut some lips off the inner part of the frame rails, weld them together and clean them up...that was oh SO fun

Once was that was all said and was time to get material for sleeving. What I ended up with was...

4" x 6" x 1/4" box...

Yeah a little heavier and thicker than I would have liked to have gone, but it was cheap, and I will have a lot mounted to it, so the beef will help. Well, got to work on it cutting it in half...

Several HF grinders lost the good fight cutting that sucker in half :lol:

Driver's side fitted up

Everything will be tacked up for the time being, then I'll drop everything and weld it up fully...

Now it was time to start on my Tranny crossmember :
I've got 300ft. of 1.75" x .120" HREW to work with on this so most things will be made out of that. I won't lie, getting the logistics worked out on this thing was a nightmare, but I got it to work out.

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