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Trail Info - Co Rd 14

This trail has no known name to me, but is a short easy loop that starts at the opposite side of highway 550 from the black bear trailhead.

This is where it starts at the top of 550:,0.043859&z=15

And this is where it ends at 550:

(the trail can be run in either direction, I just usually start from the top of 550)

This is a large old steam electric generator, this can be viewed by parking at the top of 550, walking a few hundred yards off the road(or just driving it). So you don't have to take the whole loop to see this:

The copper has been stripped from the generator:

Looking down onto the small slice of highway 550(the big U turn on the silverton side), and then above it the silver cloud mine:

Silvercloud mine and 550 again:

Driving along the top of the mountain:

Some mining ruinsIH harvester air compressor with charge air cooler and gasoline start diesel engine)

Stainless steel FTW:

Year built 1948:

more stuff around:

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