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Re: '97 XJ Project "Body Shot"

Continuing on with the Transgo Shift Kit install. Figured out the bolt in the pan was from the filter. No damage anywhere and it's easy to believe some maintenance was done before and one of the filter bolts wasn't torqued right or something. Had to order some gaskets from Transgo and the guy on the phone said that bolt in the pan wouldn't bother him at all.

Um yea.....Going with the "Hot Rod" shifts

Have the front Dana 44 most of the way assembled. Needs calipers (done, just not on, tie rod and once it's under the Jeep the sway bar brackets will get burned in if they're in the right spot, track bar mount and UCA mount)

Only thing I don't like about this axle is that it's very heavy, especially for not be a 1 ton axle. It came with chromoly axle shafts and new u-joints which is awesome. Installed 5.13's and a true trac. New ball joints and brakes. A lot of it was in great shape and mostly new parts. The grease on hubs and wheel bearings was nice and new, seals were all new. Pretty easy rebuild since it wasn't a typical junkyard axle.

Interesting to note: The Reid Racing knuckle has non-adjustable cast in steering stops in both directions on one knuckle, and they limit the steering more than the stock stop bolt on the stock knuckle. Stock knuckle has one bolt, because with one on each knuckle steering would be limited left and right by each knuckle. I just hope I'm not losing any turning radius. We shall see

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