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FS D44 axles F&R + other XJ stuff

If there is any interest I have a a few items i would be willing to part with. Located in Lynnwood WA.

XJ rear D44 with 4.88s, Aussie locker, 30sp Allow USA chromoly axles, crown vic disks. RuffStuff cover - $1000 OBO

Front narrowed with XJ brackets HP D44 4.88s, Aussie locker, Ruff stuff cover, crossover steering with trackbar and bracket included. Driver side short shaft is custom passenger side shaft is off the shelf Scout (IIRC) long side shaft and Chevy outer shafts with Ford 5 on 5.5 hubs/rotors (vented) and 1/2 Ton Chevy calipers. Currently no passenger side UCA bracket was running as 3 link but i Should be able to find the bracket to weld on. - $2000 OBO

if there is any interest I can post pictures later. I purchased an LJ so am looking at getting rid of some of my XJ stuff so if you are looking for something please ask.
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