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Re: 4-28-19

For the trail run we had 5 vehicles, 6 "adults," and a gaggle of children. For the Meet & Greet I counted 21 heads, with no concern for demographics. I was able to visit with people I have not seen for awhile, and meet new people. Throughout the day there was much laughing, smiling, and having fun. Just my kind of event!

We had a good start to the day, everyone (including me) was early! We waited until 11:45 in case any of the facebook people were coming, then left for Rock Creek.

When we got to Rock Creek, we found some packed, slushy snow, far as the eye could see. I tried a few runs at it, but decided it would not be fair to the rest of the group to drag me along.

Since two of the attendees live in Longmont, and are familiar with the area, we accepted the suggestion for Ironclads. Delegating someone else to lead was an easy decision.

The rest of the pictures I took, video to follow.

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