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Adopt-a-Road, Kingston peak 09-26-15

Originally Posted by Hypoid
The stats:
25 4WDís
38 ATVís
7 Motorcycles
7 Hikers
6 stops for litter
This trips stats are:
22 4WD's
11 ATV's
4 Motorcycles
3 Hikers
3 Stops for litter
2 Vehicles off designated roads

I'll start with the two vehicles off designated roads: two motorcycles that went around us as we were driving along. I'm not going to call them Richards for driving around us. As responsible users, we need to keep in mind that motorcycles need to keep some speed to negotiate the terrain. If I were on a cycle and came up behind a group of slow moving vehicles that were oblivious to my presence, I'd be sorely tempted to pull a Richard move and go around them. So, a little awareness and cooperation could go a long way.

The only places we found any litter to speak of was in one of the dispersed shooting areas, and the dispersed camping areas at the North end of the trail. The wire is from a project in August, that was mentioned in prior threads.

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