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Re: Getting the party started! Who's going?

Two more from Florida!

1. Andy "LR2" Bagwell

2. Ledford's (043500)with the MJ (as long as pending financial issues resolve)

3. Calvin Ledford with his XJ (my oldest son ***see above)

4. Mattson family (Travis's new "ultralight" XJ if it's done)

5. Mattson family (Michelle's jeep...4 dr JK)

6. Mattson family (Parker's jeep XJ)

7. Mattson family (Hannah's jeep XJ)

8. Brad and Becky Clearwater (1 jeep 4 dr JK rubi)

9. Glenn aka "Ghost" and Deanna

10. Glenn aka "MJGhost" (88 MJ if we can get it up there.)

11. Tim and wife (we'll be married by then..yikes!) aka uncc_99xj (1 XJ)

12. Me and Heather will be there. Might have the kids. Might have more than 1 Jeep

13. J.R. and Mary Jane

14. Kemps-Andy and Holly plus jeep

15. Matt and Erin with CJ5

16. Jody and Lisa

17. A-Mechanic (Andy Lindman) JKU

18. Chuck Eidson. JKU

19. Greg (Dragon) and Ann