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1. That Nippondenso powers everything I got and you name it that is 12 volt and it is on there. I do run 2 1000 CCA batteries but I know to not run the AC and 5 pair of Hella 500's and the 130 watt H4s all with the stereo turned all the way up and the windsheild wipers going at the same time.
2. That mean green alternator looks the best but at an idle is where the difference should be and it is not. At an idle your 120 amp alternator puts out about 50 amps and there's will do 65 amps at idle and 150 amps highway. Not worth $409 to me.
3. a. The alternator from late 96 will work through 2001. Somewhere in that year was there change over. I have a 9/96 that is everything a 2001 is, electronically.
b. I would not trust that gauge on that older style dash or any dash, they are just to ballpark for me. I would have the 96 tested and leave the 99 alone and maybe upgrade your battery.
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