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Re: Radiator Fan Override Switch (The Easy Way)

Originally Posted by kastein View Post
winkosmosis, depends on how you want to do it. You could splice a second relay into the heavy current wiring no problem but it's easier to splice into the low current side, requires thinner wire and less care.

I don't presently have an e-fan, because my '98 came without one installed. No CEL because the ECU only monitors whether the relay coil is open/shorted (as I expected) not whether the actual fan is operating. I'm going to my storage unit to pick the fan up and install it tonight, if I can find my set of OEM PDC terminals I'm going to get a head start on this mod.
But that's what I mean, splice a wire and switch to the wire that switches the relay on and off. According to the OP, the ECU or whatever triggers the relay by grounding it NOT by supplying power to it right? So you'd just need to splice in to that and add a switch with a ground on the other end. At any given time, either the ECU grounds the relay, or your switch grounds the relay, or both ground it.

If the ECU switched the relay by supplying power, then you could have a problem duplicating that with a switch, because the power from the switch would fight the ECU when both were switched on.
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