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Re: 300k mile old diff fluid

Originally Posted by bradleyheathhays View Post
Thanks for all the good advice guys. I'lll write ford and see if I can get a build sheet like you mentioned.

Couple wrap up questions...

What advantage is there to using the more expensive Mobil 1 synthetic as opposed to a cheaper Valvoline full syn... $20 a bottle vs. $13, times 3.

Also, I've been given advice to replace the clutches and 'steels?' in the diff as mine are probably worn out. What advantage in performance would I gain by doing this and is it expensive/ worth it?
I wouldn't waste money on the expensive fluid or friction modifier unless you rebuild the limited slip (frictions, steels, springs).

Advantages...both tires get traction. Big advantage when drag racing, driving in rain, sand, dirt roads, snow, etc. For "normal" day to day driving ...not really any advantage.
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