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Re: Found a Jeep for my "street Jeep" project..

255/70/17 is a 31" tire, with 7" of sidewall thats way too tall for performance handling. i run a 26.5" tire with a 5.8 inch sidewall, and an even lower profile would benifit handling greatly.

i would find someone selling some 17" wheels off of a mustang locally to you and test fit them on your jeep, cobra wheels would look great, you just need to make sure the backspacing looks right when they are bolted up. (centerbore on the mustang wheels might be too small by 5 mm)

for tire size, try something in the 255/50/17 range,
at only 108 a piece
and you can run them on an 8 or nine inch mustang wheel. personally i would get the 9in in front and the 10.5 in back. but i just really like the look
of the cobra r wheels
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I'd have to say a hand sledge or an angle grinder is the most useful tool though. You can do anything from brutalize your fingers to breaking everything around the thing you're trying to hit/cut with them.
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