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Re: Found a Jeep for my "street Jeep" project..

Originally Posted by bjoehandley
Nice find!
Not mine yet...

The guy drives it to work ever so often and parks it "forsale". I passed it by yesterday for the 200th (been forsale a loooong time) time and asked about it. Its not the cleanest thing, but no leaks and the underside is clean. The guy is a mechanic so all fluids and brakes and tires are new. He was just wanting payoff since it was his daughters Jeep, but lost her job so he makes payments and just needs it gone. I told him if I come back next month will it be $200 cheaper and he said yes, lol. So I may offer him $2500 if I can't find a nicer Jeep. Only reason its not selling is because its a 2wd.
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