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Re: 86 Radiator Core support swap/ AC swap ,,, need info

This may be the key point for your question:

With the change to the 4.0 engine, the engine bay of the Stage II Jeep XJ was changed in 1987, including small changes to the firewall, inner fenders and most significantly the front clip. This is one of the key facts that individuals who don't care for large levels of pain and expense should consider, and not make the mechanically dangerous assumption that a 4.0L should swap into a Stage I Cherokee. We at Novak have fielded many a sad call from people who have tried it hoping for a much easier conversion, further supporting one of our leading maxims, that "Jeep parts are often the hardest parts to swap into Jeeps."
That is from Novak's site, here:

If no one else knows you might try contacting them.
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