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Re: 87-95 D35 driveshaft

Well I just measured the driveshaft and it shows 31" exactly. It is half an inch longer than the 87-95 AW4 4WD with D35 that I listed here. According to the research I did earlier and the available interchange data, it is for a 93-95 AX15 4WD with a D35.

It will work with an AX15/4WD/D35 at stock ride height, an AX15/4WD/8.25|D44 or an AW4/4WD/D35 with +3 inches of lift, or an AW4/4WD/8.25|D44 with +5 inches of lift.

The AX5 (87-92) is quite a bit shorter than the AX15 so this won't work at all for those. The 2WD drivetrain does not have a transfer case so it will not work for that setup either. And the transfer case output shaft on the 1996 and later XJ is also quite a bit different and this is not compatible with those either.
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