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87-95 D35 driveshaft

I have a rear driveshaft for an 87-95 XJ with a 4WD AW4 and D35 axle. This will be a direct fit for any other XJ with those properties. Since the D35 pinion is shorter than the 8.25 and the D44, the driveshaft is too long for those axles at stock ride height, but fits good if you have +3" lift. It won't work at all with 96+ XJ (different transfer case output length), or 2WD (different length), or a manual tranny (different length). FWIW I installed new greasable Spicer u-joints a couple of years ago, and the driveshaft is in good condition overall.

It will fit into a FedEx shipping tube and will cost $15-20 to ship.
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