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Re: Just Another XJ on tons, coilovers, 42's, etc. Build

Then I took some 3 x 3 x 3/16 and made the brackets

Added some bracing

It then occured to me one hit to where the notch in the cross tube, and i'll have a good and bent crossmember. So I added this...

I think that should hold up pretty well:thumbsup:
Might be slight overkill but oh ****in well...

Starting on the truss for the 14 bolt...


My first real attempt at bending tube. I will say this, bending tube is hard to repeat when you've never done it before, and notching is pain in the A$$ and can be VERY time consuming. This shouldn't be as much of a problem as I get more experienced with it.

Once I have some time I'll work on getting the rest of the links done

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