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Xj wont start

tom gralewski

NAXJA Forum User
OK Im at my whits end here. I was backing outta my driveway monday morning and my 93 cherokee just died. Wouldnt start or anything. Heres what it does. IT will run and idle for maybe a minute if i dont touch the gas and then it dies. I can restart it but it will only run for a few seconds. Ive replaced the cps, dist cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires, and the fuel pump relay to no avail. The last time it died i pulled one of the plugs and it was soaked in gas. It seems to me like its flooding itself but i cant figure out why. It gives me no trouble codes except that the ac clutch has a short or somthing like that.. Pls help...

you said that the spark plug was wet with fuel when you poled it.

when it would start and idle for a minute before dying........was it chugging or belching black smoke out the tail pipe.

If it's only one plug that's getting soaked in fuel, you may have one injector that's stuck open. If all the plugs are soaked in fuel, the problem could be a faulty fuel pressure regulator (broken diaphragm).
OTOH, it's possible your ignition system isn't producing the spark to burn the fuel. Since you've already replaced the CPS, the culprit could be a bad coil.