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XJ run in W Mass Sunday the 13'th....

how hard core is that trail? i'm runnin a small lift and no skids... i slapped my 2" receiver on the front, damn that hangs low, needs its own skid now... i could most likely hook up with you guys on sunday am....
There are go-arounds on all the tough stuff...you should come!
as long as i dont break something saturday i'll be there even if i'm by myself... whats your meeting place? and is it just sunday or both days? pencil mikey in....

How far is it from NYC, I need to hit up some real trails. Also what time do you hit the trails in the morning? If I come I will be leaving Sunday morning. I am down to go but I need to get rid of my annoying wobbly wobbling first (alignment pending).:mad:
I think we'll prolly Depart the trailhead at 10 or 11...the town is Northhampton...not sure of the drive on your end....BUT YOU SHOULD COME!! :D
I have never run that trail, Do you think a stock XJ could get through there?? Still not sure if I will make it but may bring 2 rigs, 1 stock and 1 with a 3" lift.....

where in northampton and what time? where exactly is the trail? you said east of adams.. is it off rt 116 or rt 2? i assume you run up rt 9 to get there... how many are turning out for this run?
off Rt 2 in Northampton
uuhhhh... probably a typo but RT 2 isnt anywhere near northampton.. north adams maybe?? name a time and a place and i'll be there with bells on...
Sorry I was without coffe...

Mass pike to 91...then some other roads off that;)