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XJ Roll Cage - 1.5" 3/16 Wall tubing - $350


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This cage was fabricated by a race car engineer and welded together inside the vehicle. It was welded to the floor on special plates also welded in. To remove it I had to cut each floor weld and cut the two ceiling cross bars right in the middle. You will need to sleeve the ceiling bars and reweld them and make some floor mounts. This is a very strong roll cage. I only took it out because the rear seat cannot be installed with the cage. You can install a wrangler rear seat. This Cage will fit in any vehicle of comparable size with the right floor mounts. You must email for inquiries, i do not check messages here very often, I have some pics in and out of the jeep. I can not ship it but I will drive for some gas money.
[email protected]

Here are the dimensions
50" wide
43" tal
76" long
28" head room between windshield cross bar and rear cross bar

I live 15 miles north of Fayetteville, NC