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XJ Dana 44 rear in Oregon


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I have a XJ Dana 44. It has 3.55 gears drum brakes and the e-brake cables. I picked this up from a wrecking yard to put under my XJ but decided to go bigger. I would prefer not to ship.

Where in Oregon?
Here's the deal, my sister lives in Lake Oswego and I'm planning on visiting her in August.

The problem is not being able to see it first hand to make the decision about buying it.

Are the brakes and drums in good condition or will the drums need to be turned and the shoes replaced?

Since it is the North West I have to ask about rust. Maybe a picture or two would be a good idea.

I got the pictures. There were so many, it froze up my MSN account. I had to go through Hotmail to view them.

The axle looks good. Just what I'm looking for. I've got to confirm I'm going to Oregon and if I'm going to have room to bring back an axle. I'll get back to you.

Thanks again for getting the pictures to me.
Sorry about that, but my computer is so slow that I went back a couple of times to resize and get rid of a couple of pictures so It wouldn't take all night to upload. Just keep me posted if you want the axle.