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WTB: dana 30 with 3.55s---cheap too


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
i need a dana 30 with 3.55s
i dont care if its disco or not
i dont really care if its lp if its free
last year i gave away two hp disco 30s
i just gave away a free lp 30
and sold one with 4.56s for 60$ so please dont tell me youve got one for 50$
id prefer like 10$ or free for a disco 30
ill pick it up
i know for what im asking ill only get discos or lps and thats fine.
as cheap as possible or free
yah i know.
i gave it away.
but i think i have another jeep coming into my hands and ill need a front axle...
Parts jeeps are nice.. too bad there aren't any in my area.
yah i dont have space or time. its a serious addiction. its like a drug addict. i cant even control myself. right now my jeep is messed up