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Would these axels work? (d44s)


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Tacoma, WA
Dana 44s out of an 86 Grand Wagoneer: 60" wms each, 3.73 gears, 6 lug, driver side drop... I could get these for under 750, maybe way under.
Would they work? If so, what needs to be done to them (besides regear and lockers)?

Mine's a 95, 242/AW4, 4.5", 34X9.5 tsl, d30/8.25.

It would work but why pay so much for a different bolt pattern?
The rear will bolt on without moving the perches and the front will need coil buckets and other mounts. The rear will be one inch narrower than the xj axle (not enough to matter) but the front is the same width.
It would work but why pay so much for a different bolt pattern?
How would it be different if he did front and rear?
6 is stronger than 5
Boneyards here get waggys at $200 rear $250 front FYI
Thanks for the info, that's good to know. I've never priced these axels before. I just hear that a d44 from the rear of an xj is around 400 plus..

I currently have a 87 Jeep Cherokee with a stock Dana 35 in the rear. I am running 33/12.50 15 BFG MT'S with a 5.5 Rubicon Express lift. I want to go with a stronger rear end. Does anyone know the cheapest way to go about this?