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Woo! 1000th post!

You wasted your 1000th post to say you got 1000 posts? LAME! You should have gone over to the OEM tec. board and helped out a noob.:D
of the 8 posts thus far in the thread, only the OP has his name in black........

1000 post is past time to pony up.HastaHastaHastaHastaHastaHastaHastaHastaHasta(Hey, I found a use for the beat the dead horse smiley).
if you're nice HaleYes will give you a cookie
I know, i know. I need to get that name changed soon. It will happen. But I'm 17, and they won't give me a paypal. So i have to get my parents to do it.

thats the only valid excuse out there. IIRC you have to be 18+ to have your name in red.

but 1000+ posts is an impressive feat for jailbait!