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wont start


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i drove my jeep over a friends house and it ran fine, when i went to leave it wouldnt start, i sprayed starting fluid into the air inlet and it would sputter than die .before i go spend the money on a fuel pump is thare anything else i should check?, do you guys think i am right thinking its the fuel pump, and is thare any way to test it while its in the tank?

oh its an 89 4.0
You drove it "over a friend's house"? That may be part of the problem. All kidding aside, can you hear the fuel pump prime on when you turn the ignition on? Did you check for spark?
i drove it over thare to get some parts off his parts jeep.
it is getting spark because it will start and sputter out with the starting fluid. i'll check for the pump priming today i couldnt hear it when i was thare?
i was told it could just be a fuel filter also
i just went over thare and it started right up. now how am i gonna find out what the problem was. any ideas? :doh: