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Window needed


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Columbus, In
My buddy Mike(Da-Heep) needs a passenger front window. The guy who I sold my doors to was supposed to take the glass out and give it back to me. Not a good call on my part. Now i can't get ahold of him. He's on a tight budget so if somebody has one around the Columbus/Bloomington, In area let me know. Its a 99 XJ. If anybody has anything feel free to PM one of us about it.
Cool thanks man, I can come pick it up at a Jeep night if you have one. I met Vlad and I think it was Tom at the Gas station on the way back from Attica. RaistlinAlpha was there too. Should have a couple things that need to go on my Jeep soon anyways.
i definately have one in my old door, you are welcome to it, just bring some frosty beverages and it's all yours. get your ass to MOJO jeep night and get it out. :skull2:

you me indyjeepnut (porky) Vlad and Rasin. I was the one in the white truck pulling the gooseneck.

OK I will come up this Wednesday. I am meeting up with my buddy again For the Indy 1500 so i can get it to him then!
disregard my PM, I see they beat me too it.... MOJO could be an XJ parts dealer, lol. Between all of us, they is usually at least one spare of something or another...Look forward to seeing you at Jeep night, I get there late lately due to work, but I am sure I will see ya. Ed