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Witch Winch do you use, recommend, or want?

  • Warn M8000

    Votes: 92 43.8%
  • Mile Marker E8000

    Votes: 5 2.4%
  • Mile Marker E9000

    Votes: 20 9.5%
  • Ramsey REP8000

    Votes: 18 8.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 75 35.7%

  • Total voters
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Ok I opened the worms up so here is the resolution. What winch do you run, if don't run one which would you run? The Ramsey REP8000, Mile Marker E8000, Mile Marker E9000, Warn M8000, Or other?
In true "Dirt Cheap" fashion,I bought mine used. It's an old-school Warn Belvue,the predicessor of the 8274. Very fast and very strong,but has no reverse and a manual brake. :( But it's all good! It got me up Slick Rock at Tellico with ease! :thumbup:
XD9000 (non "i")
Also It dosent hurt to look around for used warn winches. most of them for sale are realy used and you can get great deals on them so far i got a x800i with winch plate shipped for $350 in great shape and a xd9000i for 500 localy. and even used warns are still great.
I use an old Warn 5000 unit was was getting ready to be tossed out! :D
I wouldn't use anything other that Warn.

My HS9500i is a great winch, it did break the planitary gears, I called Warn, that day they sent me new gears out at no cost.

Great winch, with better customer service
XD9000i, skimp on your car insurance not your winch. :D
I have the Milemarker E9000. I haven't used it yet because it is getting bolted on to my new winch bumper tonight (as long as I can get the bumper welded up tonight)! I have heard people that use them and they had great results. I have also seen a lot of winches in action recently and I would love to have an 8274 because it is by far the best winch of the bunch but it is a monster to mount on a daily driver.

Warn HS9500

I'd go xd9000. That's the one I plan on getting. Found a great place to get them online too, go to winchdepot.com , they have great prices and free shipping. Just my .02... Judd
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