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Will the pan drop enough to peek at the pickup tube?

I have a 95 XJ that I just put a new mill in (rebuilt the original 4.0). Now that it's together, I have this really bad feeling that I left out or loose the oil pump pickup tube hold-down bolt. I likely didn't, but in my world my neighborhood never had fires until I moved into a house with a wood shake roof.

Anyway, can the pan be dropped enough to see the pickup tube mount bolt?

I know the pump bolt is on ok as I torqued it to spec. This is in a 95 XJ 4x2, so there's no front axle assy to fight with. The kit came with a one piece wire impregnated vulc rubber & silicone faced gasket, so it can be reused as well.


M Randolph
Fallbrook, Ca

'95 XJ 4x2
'00 XJ 4x4