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Who's up for a quick saturday trip? june 4th


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I wanna take just an afternoon wheelin trip this weekend, I'm thinking either Hell Hole (never been there), Fordyce to the first crossing and back, or Rubicon to Spider and back.

Anyone got any input, particularly on Hell Hole, since I've never been there, or anyone want to go?

I know cherokeeWheeler10 was interested in a Hell Hole run, and Phil still needs to check his availability but wants to go somewhere....

who else? where?
Hellhole is a short little trail with two tough sections.
you come and go out on same trail.
Hellhole campground is open.
There is a 10 site (walk-in) campground that is halfway down the hill
between the ranger station and the lake.
I'll be at the walk-in site friday afternoon.
hey brett i am plaining on heading to hell hole tommorow been on the trail around 10 maybe alittle latter if that works for you i have never been why dont you call me and we can figure out a time if you want to go
:pm sent
Might be interested in hell hole. not sure if me or my jeep is up to it or not, though.
33's. 4.5", front lock-right, rear trash-loc, factory t-case and full fuel skid, but still 3.55 gears and no rocker protection, yet. And still somewhat green in the rocks. Spare shafts for 8.25 and dane 30, fronts and spares have 760 joints.
sounds like you're well enough prepared. the rocker protection is the only thing I would be minorly concerned about. if you get in a situation precarious to your rockers and aren't willing to take a dent or two, we can pull you however needed with a strap to avoid damage.
Not worried about the rockers from a cosmetic point ove view, but like not to cause to much damage that may be structeral. Guess more than anything else, im still pretty new in the rocks, only really having run eagle lakes and about a mile of signal peak, and some other local stuff as experiance. hate to slow you guys up.
it's a short trail and apparently only 2 "hard" parts, if you make it take 2.5 hours instead of 1.5, who cares!?

bring your junk

i'll post meeting place and time in a few minutes after calling cherokeewheeler10, probably foresthill exit Arco station in Auburn
ok. I'll call my buddy, see if he wants to ride along, and post back.

Should one tank of fuel be plenty, or should i device a way of carring a spare can?
87CherokeeChief said:
out of curiousity....what would the minumum requirements be?

i've never been there, but I get the impression from others that 31s, 1 locker and skids is doable, maybe needing the strap in a spot or two.

whatchu got? bring it out, we'll get ya through
BrettM said:
i've never been there, but I get the impression from others that 31s, 1 locker and skids is doable, maybe needing the strap in a spot or two.

whatchu got? bring it out, we'll get ya through

31s and rock rails, workin on my gears and more skids. Next time ya got easy trail for the 16 year old noobie i might have to join ya:)
how'd it go?

pics brett, I'm expecting pics!

Would have joined ya, but I'm still working on finishing up the passenger seat :wierd:
I will be posting some pics latter today.......
It wasnt really a half day run like we planned...... I broke my vacume conect on some snow on the road on the way to the trail and brett battery welded it back together.... then we got to the trail around 1:30 and about half way into the trail the welds broke and hillbilly spare full shaft so we used that so we could by pass the disconect and we were going good again then when we reached the end brett broke a ujoint so he was wheeling out in 3 wheel drive but all in all i thought it was a fun run.
I got some Good pics, so i'll try and get them up when i have some time a bit later.