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Who was on US36 eastbound Saturday evening


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It was a lifted XJ with front bumper and roof rack. I think 33s.

And they kept flashing their lights at me. They got off on Pecos and then I saw them on I25 south at about the I76 intersection.

I was driving my lifted, roof racked, mud covered beast eastbound with my girlfriend.
I spent the day up there on Saturday and got quite lost but I know for a fact that I was on a street called Pecos. I'm not sure where I was to be honest but I wanted to get back on 25 and head back to Springs but ended up on some different highway. At that point I was at the mercy of the Garmin. I'm in a white 96 with a roof rack and spare tire carrier. Could have been me. I don't recall flashing my lights though. I did flash my nipple at one car though. :shocked: