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Which Shocks??


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I am close to installing a 4" lift on the XJ and was wanting a little input on the best all around shocks to go with. Ive looked at few different types, but really want real world opinions instead of retarded sales pitches. Anyone out there that has around 4 inches of lift and loves your shocks, fell free to comment. Also lemmie know what to avoid.


Rancho 9000's !!!!!!!!!!!ALL the way.
I'm currently running Edelbrock IAS shocks in the rear (stock ZJ shocks) and monroe gas-matic up front (27" extended, 16" compressed, and stud mount on top, don't know what they're actually for, but they were in stock at advance)

I'm happy with the setup :D
Thanks for the input guys. Anyone else??

Yeah, but not an "I love my shocks report."

I bought an MJ with a 4" Trailmaster lift already on it. The lift includes huge Trailmaster shocks. I don't really know if it's because if the shocks, the springs, or the combination, but it rides like it has no suspension. It's horrible.

I'd say to avoid the possibility it may be the shocks ... avoid Trailmaster. I would also avoid Rancho 5000s -- I tried them at stock height many years ago and they were too stiff. Ditto KYBs.
dude u gotta get the PHAt nitrous shocks they are the best!

no seriously i don't understand this whole one shock is better than the rest thing! ok sure those rs 9000 work but if u r going to take ur rig off road all shocks are going to wear out! i have the doestech and i think they are great!

Old Man EMU, parts N35L and N36L. These are the ones I am ordering today, after the Bilsteins that Rusty send me a month ago got lost.

Avoid Rancho RS5000's unless you really don't like having kidneys.

I'm running Trailmaster SSV's made for a full size 90's Ford Bronco on my XJ with a 4.5" lift. I also use JKS shock conversions and BPE's. The road ride is great and they work well off road too.

The Trailmaster SS is similar to the Rancho 5000.
Avoid Procomp ES3000.
Mine r worn out in less than year.
Try adjustables. I hear that is the way to go.
I run the Rancho RSX series and they are really great. I am at stock height but I tow a 5000 lb boat at times and these don't let the rear bounce near as much as the original shocks. I am very pleased with them.
I ran the trailmaster SS series on an old ranger of mine and the ride was fantastic.... as long as you had a 1000 lbs of camping gear in the back.

I switched over to RS9000's and the ability to tune the shocks for the conditions (road, trail, load) was a beautiful thing to say the least. I'll be going there eventually with the XJ.
Thanks for all the input guys. I got the chance to get a set of Old Man Emus for 50 bucks (set of 4 with warranty) off a buddy of mine that owns an offroad shop. Think Im gonna go ahead and go with these for now.

I am running Rancho 5000's and I am not real impressed with them. I am about to lift to 3-3.5" and am also looking for new shocks. But I do not suggest the Rancho's.
Backdraft said:
Thanks for all the input guys. I got the chance to get a set of Old Man Emus for 50 bucks (set of 4 with warranty) off a buddy of mine that owns an offroad shop. Think Im gonna go ahead and go with these for now.


50 bucks for all 4 OME shocks?!? holy cow man! how can I score a set of these? awesome deal man! they are like 75 bux a shock! is it the soft or heavy duty version? let us know what ya got! :yelclap:
I just put the new Rubicon Express shocks on my 90 XJ. Incredible!!!!!! They came with my 5.5" Extreme Duty kit and they are impressive. Great riding shock for both on and offroad. I have had all three Rancho's (5000, RSX, 9000), Pro Crap, and Bilstein. I would rate these in the top 2-3 and the nice thing is that they are matched to the R.E. setups.

Just got my doetsch MV1 and LOVE them they ride great and are rebuildable. You can also order them in any valve combo that you want.
I liked my Trailmaster SSV's a bit better than OME's for my 4" lift. I also wasn't too impressed with OME's set up. They had no bar pins and then they sent me the wrong ones, so I just ended up putting on bar pin eliminators from JKS. A lot of hassle for a set of shocks. They are fine now, but what a pain in the arse.