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Where to Buy Stroker Parts???

Clean Racing

NAXJA Forum User
Bellingham, Wa
Ok if Accurate Power is gone, then where can I get the forged piston set for my stroker engine with the 4.0 Rods???? Hesco has been no help thus far... I am looking for a set of forged pistons for the jeep 4.0 running 4.2 crank, 4.0 rods, and 23cc dish....


ps. I have a 93 ho head for sale....complete....
I beleive ross make a piston - don't know who made accurate's piston but somebody should - Check the Strokers Group on Yahoo
Ross makes custom forged pistons. Expect to pay around $700 and wait for 2 months for the custom pistons.

The pistons that came with AP stroker kit are made by Wiseco.