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What to pack for the Rubicon


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As some of you know, a couple of Midwest guys are coming to the Rubicon that second week in June.

What would be some items that are a must for the Rubicon...other than normal trail stuff...I should bring. What about fuel...how much fuel does one use on the 27 mile trail? I have the normal 20 gallon tank, but I also have 2 - 5 gallon jerry cans I can bring.

Give me some ideas...don't want to be stuck on the Rubicon unprepared.

Thanks...look forward to California.


Sorry, I don't have an exact answerr to your question, I haven't done the 'con yet (want to this Summer). But how in the heck dod you disconnect your rear axle like that :eek: That is some pretty extreme articulation :worship:
what size axels u running? and how many links u have in the rear??

Damn, nice posuer picture!!! I like, alot.

Ditch the jerry cans, too much weight and I have never needed any more gas than what my tank holds.

Stuff to bring:

Radiator stop-leak
Spare axle shaft assemblies for the front
Spare tie rod if you are running stock steering, other wise just spare heims or TRE's
Lots of tire plugs if you are running radials. (I stopped running a spare with the SX's and runflats)
Stupid 4.0 stuff like, CPS, TPS
5 gallon water container.
Make sure your engine mounts are good. Nothing spells fun like pushing your fan into the radiator
Tree saver strap in case you winch
Decent first aid kit
EVERYTHING ratchet strapped down. Two years ago we had a Nor Cal guy flop and his receiver mount winch hit him in the head and drew blood.
Most importantly:

SUNSCREEN! At 7000+ feet you burn fast, even if it's only in the 70s.
Bug repellent. It's still pretty wet up there, so expect mosquitos near spider lake and certainly at Buck Island.
Spare ice for Jes's blender!

What are the dates you will be up again?

We are leaving here on Friday, June 6th. It should take 3 days to get out there...so we will be on the trail Monday and Tuesday.

I'd like to do some other trails out there, but I've heard that Fordyce creek crossings may be too high, and that Barrett may still have snow. Any other trails close to the Rubicon worth running on Wednesday and Thursday?

Stoney...the rear is a 4 link. I'll try to post a pic of the rear below:


You can go to this link to view more pics...there are 3 albums that Bobby took at the last Jamboree...click on "Newest" for the albums to come to the top.


95 XJ, 14"lift, 38.5 TSL/SX, Atlas 4.3,
D60 HP front welded, 35 spline Ford 9" rear spool,
4.88 gears, long arms.
Ready to do some serious damage!
Eric, I am trying to find the website that list the flows of Fordyce Creek. I would say there is a pretty good chance of doing that trail that week. Keep in mind that both Con and Fordyce are better suited to non trailered rigs. You can go all the way thru the con and back in two days, but that's a lot of driving.

Or if your rigs are trail worthy at all, you can drop your trailer at Loon lake and then drive all the way around back to loon. I would say go in to Cadillac hill then turn around and come back out. I have a friend who did it in 4 hours from bottom of cadillac to loon.

It's looking very good for me to join y'all.

Well, mine isn't street worth. In our quick attempt to get my rig rolling for the Jamboree, we didn't grind off the knuckles, and reposition them for the angle of the pinion. So, as you can imagine, I have severe death wobble at 25MPH. One of those things you are going to go back and do...but just haven't gotten around to it.

I figured I could drop the truck and trailer off at the trail head, and then use my buddy's jeep to come back for the truck. His rig is street drive-able, and really isn't the best way to do it, but is the only way I see it can be done.

BTW, I need to check, but how far is the Rubicon from Fordyce...the end of the Rubicon trail, to the trailhead of Fordyce?

SeanP...it would be good to have you along with us. It is just the 2 jeeps for now...and any Sierra guys/gals that want to join would be great.
From the end of the con(tahoe side) I would say 1.5 hours would be plenty to get to either side of fordyce. Now if you have to go back to loon to get your trailer it more like 2-3 hours. In your situation it may be best to park the trailer on the tahoe side go in and out of the con and then hit fordyce. If you are coming across I-80 you thats the closest ends of the trails anyway. Barret it on the other side of the mountain as well, the loon lake side.

Hope to make a run with you guys but I will have to play it by ear.

Are you still running a front 30 if so I second the spare shaft stuff Sean suggested, the rest of his list is good as well.

Crazy did you go all the way through?
Sounds like running the Con backwards, then forwards, is the best bet. How long will that take...two days?

Fordyce will take only a day...correct.

Gary...no Dana 30 in my rig...front Ford HP Dana 60, and rear Ford 9" with 35 spline shafts in the rear.

Thanks for the information....keep it coming!

So it's going to take about 1.5 hours from the Tahoe side, to Fordyce. Anyone have a quick map, or link, to show the Fordyce trailhead?


No rear steer on this rig....yet. What you are probably seeing is some flex steer. That's what happens when you get this much flex in the rear axle. It will actually start to push your rear left or right, as the tires will be pointing a different direction than your front end.

I thought about rear steer, but don't have the fund for it right now.
David Taylor said:
How is the rear steering on that rig working out?


Fawk! Good flex Mon

(like dumbasses ask me) :eek: What did you break! Is that thing street legal? :viking: Nothing broke and see that inspection sticker and tag on the back??

You westcoast guys maybe on to something flex wise...bring it east for some muddy rocks.
It was inspected prior to this lift, so it passed. Plus we have 2 year inspection options...which I took advantage of.

Nothing is broken...just flexy. The springs are designed to come off the axle, and seat back when it compresses.

No offense Woody, but I'm from the Midwest ;)
I really think that you should trailer to loon and run in as far as Cadillac Hill. I know that folks are being asked to limit travel on the Tahoe side until we dry out a bit up there. Everything from the Tahoe side ultimately flows into Lake Tahoe. Even if you don't go all the way thru, you will see most of the fun stuff. There is going to be no easy way to get back to the trailers if you go all the way thru. Once you make it up Cadillac, it's pretty boring from there anyway.

Nice flex, BTW.