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What I Learned.....

Whaddya mean "try to wheel"? .......... punk.

You don't want me to show pictures of where you had to use a High Lift jack to unstuck yourself, do you? :roll:

Bring it.... 'cause that has nothing to do with being open-open.

Punk. :D
I've got about a gazillion pics I need to get loaded, that WILL be among them! Maybe doesn't have to do with open open but I bet 35's would have helped. Plus locked you may have been able to rip free.

Pic's are going to be a while, been working 12's since I got back just to pay for Fuel for that trip!

BTW, you know I'm giving you a hard time but it was actually pretty fun to watch you strugle open open. Not just so I could give you S**t, but because it does show how when you keep making you rig more and more capable you just end up looking harder and harder to find challenges.

It sort of goes like a friend of mine who came over once and looked at my Jeep. He said, you just keep building it bigger so you need to find bigger rocks! He said that the trails that were once a challenge are now just boring so you have to go further to find that same challenge level. That is so true and that's what made watching you fun.

On the flip side. Like anything, the tougher the challenge the more of a sense of accomplishment that follows when you conquer it. Further if your goal is just to enable you and your Jeep to get the most places the more capable the less often you'll find you cannot get to where you want to go.

Fact is, seeing it both ways shows there is no right or wrong way. Just being out there to do it and see it is the true challange.

I think he may have been drunk when he posted that..... I think Led got him hooked on Bud Light..... Bob used to be all about the "fru-fru" drinks... :D
You all are just jealous of my air horn. That's right what was I thinking. I should have replaced my head gasket for no reason before the trip, rather than an install an airhorn. Damn, am I stupid. :)

1. Bleed cooling system through rear temp sensor.
2. I am trailer trash.

Fred said:
I should have replaced my head gasket for no reason before the trip, rather than an install an airhorn.
Replacing the head gasket is NOT part of normal maintinence?:confused: I thought you were supposed to do that every other oil change... :D
Bloose said:
8) Stopping said bus when a hydraulic line breaks at 65 mph isn't going to happen so you better come up with a plan B very fast!
déjà vu maybe?

Bloose said:
12) After a brake failure, driving hyw 550 at night into Silverton is as scary as it can get.
Needed a blue bag?

Even scarier than an unexpected visit from a black Deogie late at night?

Sorry I missed it, maybe next year.
I also learned that I've long since passed the age where an 8-hour drive in a lifted TJ is even remotely "fun".:helpme:
I bought a new trailer yesterday!:laugh3: