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what I have been up to recently....with pics.


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I fugured I post some pics of new "stuff" on the Jeep. Enjoy!

New seats from mike (in4aride)



New Winch also from mike (in4aride)

I installed a Dodge Durango Steering Box with cooler. Im working on thegas tank skid currently. Check out the dinger on the tank.....

And I added tow hooks to my FrankZ bumper. Thanks Troy for the idea!!
Very nice XJ! :thumbup: I like that dark green color. Do you have any plans to add a rear bumper?

If you get yer arse over here when you're supposed to those front tow points would be drilled out already...knucklehead.

haha I know Frank I will be over soon. I have the D-rings to put in the holes I just need them drilled out.

And yes Scott I plans for a rear bumper. I just dont know what to do yet. Either build one or buy one. I really would like a rear swing out tire carrier bumper. I figure if I leave the bumper off it will cause me to sae up for one.
Thanks alot but mike(in4aride) did the rear fenders for me... he is swell. Thanks for the comments i really like the green. I just today actually put my 99' cherokee mirrors on and they look awesome!!!
Yeah, Mike really is a swell guy. :thumbup:

I really like the look of your rig. I need to trim my fenders and get 33's... We both are gonna have FrankZ custom rigs ;)