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What a beautiful weekend!!


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I am so sad that winter is approaching and that bike racing season is coming to a close. I had so much fun on my bike this year. All I think about at work (other than shaping young minds) is riding. I hoped the weather was going to be as nice as they predicted for the weekend and it was. Saturday I decided to ride to the top of Pikes Peak and it was incredible. I got to the summit in 1 hour and 45 minutes and then screamed down to get home and have another tall stack. Here's some pics:





Hope everyone got out for a bit of Vitamin D.
Impressive Chris........ good on ya! :thumbup:

I think it's JohnJohn that has that jeep shirt that reads: "Because I'm too fat to mountain bike"......... I need me one of those......... :D
Idiot Wind said:
time to trade that bike in for a 5wt.

Things are gonna be CRAZY soon!!!!! I'll let you know when they're ripe for the pickin'.