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Whadda ya think?


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Dayton, OH
Got some beautification done on the 'ol girl tonight:D




I think

You are a nut! Nice work on Easy. far cry from that woggly 35 aye? I got Easy's olde ax in today...so far so good and

BTW can I get my money back for those R9000s? they are about 3-4" too short... hate to use good shox as limit straps LOL need a pair of eye-type conversion mounts...that drop the mount about 1-2" below the fender. Know any good machinists up there in Dayton?

Look forward to wheeling with your One Ton rig soon...looking good!

BTW WTF happened to the 1/4 elliptic? Or is that for "the next one" LOL

Keep up the good work!

You shoulda read the contract before we signed the deal :rtm: :D I didn't even remember selling you any shocks. Woody, I've got exactly what you are lookin' for. I'll post a pic of it tomorrow.

Doing the beautification has come at an inopportune time. I've got to get the brake lines finished up and regear the front before NACFest next Thurs. It's been kind of a snowball affect. The disc swap kinda sorta forced me into changing my spring perches, which kinda sorta forced me into painting it, which got me to looking around and noticed that my front driver's side lower mount stud is almost broken in 2, which.......................you know the story- we've all been there.

I am too familiar with the snowball effect.

Everything leads to another mod required.
(lisp mode on) Max, you're just jealous cuz I'm special (lisp mode off)

Max, are you a Jeff Gordon fan?

Yellow and black are by far and away my favorite combination colors. Wait until you see the paint scheme the 'ol girl is gonna get at the end of next month.

Woody, the rear link suspension is in design mode as we speak. I spend about 20 mins. on it every other night drawing and deleting over and over. The other night I decided to go 4 link front and rear and now have to delete everything again :gonnablow:

We'll see if we can get you an exemption from the orange flag requirement at Paragon - the yellow diffs should be more than enough!!!

Of course, the FAA center in charge of the New York approach routes over northern PA may disagree if you roll, so we have to take care to keep Easy upright.

Nature is washing off the rocks at Death Valley this weekend in anticipation of your arrival - keep it clean.

Mike in NJ :patriot:
There are no accidents when it comes to fungus.

Shall we go, you and I while we can, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds.

Who needs psych's when you can self medicate :D

He's been spraypainting in a closed garage again


why are the walls melting?

OneTonXJ said:
Got some beautification done on my lil' boy tonight:D



gotta watch it when people take pictures before you put the final coat on :D
Max, what's your fixation with the whole gay theme, repressed childhood memories maybe? Feel the need to do a little cross gender experimentation out there in the plains. Whatever floats your boat buddy. I didn't realize you were a sheep herder.

The term gay in this context, as you know, is commonly used to describe something as flamboyantly unnecessary and lacking in any functionality. Modifications that provide visual appeal without adding to strength or function.

I could be accused of fixating on the dictum of form follows function. I, however, am not the one mentioning lisp mode, Jeff Gordon, cross gender experiments, sheep herding, etc.

and of course, I'm not the one with the paint can... :D

Sorry Sean, your 60 is cool as hell, but with that yellow paint, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your picture was this

1 question, does rust not take away strength and function?

Trust me, function always comes first in my world. I've been wheelin' without paint on my junk so long though that it's taking its toll on my parts. I decided that it's time to make it easy to clean things so that it's easy to get things apart. A good application of paint allows easy cleaning. Is my function analysis working yet?

Max, I whole heartedly value your opinions 99% of the time but when you liken my junk to that ultra booty fab, I'm sadly disappointed.

Oh yeah, I'm about 6 months away from getting my business completely up and running. My junk needs to start looking good so all the credit card wheelers will buy junk from me instead of some other joe-blow with a 4x fab shop that paints their stuff to attract attention. Yes, I'm gonna be one of the sheep in the heard, but at least I'll be one of the black sheep :D

Just making a comparison of the color, not the workmanship or BF rating.

You want people to start calling you the "Bumble Bee"?

IMO, if you want to market your junk, you should tone down the diff cover to something Tony Stewart would like. Maybe a nice charcoal gray.

[rice burner voice] how much horsepower did you get from that? 10...15...[/rice burner voice]:D